Energoprom Company    

Support of reliable energy conversion, distribution, and consumption; increase in these process efficiency and safety.

Energoprom Company implements projects for enterprises mainly of fuel and energy, metallurgical and engineering industries. Implemented projects involve both basic equipment of electric power stations (boiler equipment, units and parts of steam turbines and generators) and auxiliaries.
  Thermal and mechanical, electrical equipment, forced-draft fans, fuel trunk line equipment, as well as components of control-and-measuring systems, units and spare parts for the above products, materials, tools and devices for operation and maintenance have been delivered within the framework of performed works.

The business management methods comply with the market environment. Below are the main conditions for stable successful operation of Energoprom Company and our major principles:
strict compliance with terms and conditions based on agreements;
prompt response to market fluctuations;
economic feasibility of taken decisions;
accurate and careful fulfillment of our tasks.

Mail address:
Office 60, build. 10/10, str. Prof.Pydvysotskogo
01103, Kyiv, Ukraine

Working hours:
Monday - Friday - 8:00-17:00,
lunch break - 13:00-14:00.

+380 (44) 467-62-03
+380 (44) 467-62-04

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